For crew members & airlines

The root for Peer Support sprung out of the EASA workshop in the aftermath of the Germanwings Flight 9525 were focus was pointed to the mental health issue of the incident. Peer Support is an effective way to catch mental illness at an early stage and efforts can be put in place to prevent escalation.

Mental health is a hot topic in aviation. Previous conceptions that pilots are superhumans are old and misleading. Pilots are only humans like the rest of us and subject to the same everyday stress. The concept of a Peer Support programme is to support pilots in a way that makes real difference. A trained Peer is pilot with the same backgrund but with a trained special skillset to support a fellow pilot when in need.

CrewGuard supplies airlines with a high quality Peer Support programme in cooperation with Centre for Aviation Psychology (CAP). With customers like British Airways, EasyJet and TUI we offer customised Peer Support programs adapted to each airline.

Smaller airlines are able to join our cost effective BizAv Peer Support program where shared trained Peers support all the airlines. We have trained Peers from all backgrounds like Helicopter, Ambulance, Regional, Business Jet.

The current regulations, Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/1042, is to be put in place by 14th Feb 2021 at the latest. CrewGuards vision is to create a network of airlines and AOC holders and supply them with not only a cost-effective way to comply with the regulations but also a system that actually can make a change for the individuals.