Too simple not to be standard

Why this - why now?

CrewGuard provides a fully tailored solution for all customers. We offer full support on all our products and make sure that all the crews using the CrewGuard products can be certain of its quality and reliability.

Increase safety

By performing a test on all crews before each flight will show both passengers and authorities that safety is of the utmost concern for the airline.


EASA and ICAO is pushing for more control over crews mental and physical health. In some countries the authorities have introduced mandatory alcohol checks before each flight.

Increased health

Reduced drinking as a result of mandatory alcotest will increase the health of all staff and therefore reduce sick leave. Early recognition of an alcohol problem will increase the probability of a successful rehabilitation.

Aviation law

By using CrewGuard before any aviation safety related duties has begun there will be no violation of any aviation law regarding alcohol and flying.

Avoid scandal

The negative effects of an alcohol related scandal in media is impossible to calculate the value of. No more pictures in the media of crew being escorted from the aircraft.