The future of transportation safety

What do  we do?

CrewGuard supports the airline industry with solutions covering areas around mental health, alcohol and drugs.

We are offering proactive systems and solutions that will enhance flight safety and also improve the health of all personnel onboard an aircraft.

Peer Support Program

If you work in the aviation sector we understand that you face stressors that are unique to your industry and lifestyle. This support programme is for those challenging moments in life when you might wish to speak to a fellow pilot and share the load. Read more under Peer Support Program.

Meet our team

The CrewGuard team consist of experienced aviation professionals with a common vision to create the future of transport safety.

Watch the film

Alcolocks are great but installing them together with an aircraft is both difficult due to complicated certification processes and expensive.

Instead we integrate our solution with current check-in systems to make the process as seamless as possible for the crew. We can customize to fit any system.

We currently provide both a stationary solution, CrewGuard Desktop, and a mobile solution, CrewGuard 2 Go.
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Our solution

The design of our solution is meant to have as little impact on the daily routine as possible. Our experience from more than 20 years within aviation has led to a setup that is easy to use. Read more about our advantages.